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Finding someone who can help you solve life, work, and/or business issues is no easy task.  We imagine all sorts of reasons to not reach out and ask for help.  And, too often, we wait rather than start the process of getting the help we know we need. 

I understand it’s often very hard to take that first step—making  the call, setting up the appointment and actually getting started.  It’s this understanding that shapes how I interact with you.  Data clearly reflects our reluctance to ask for help.  Did you know that research with couples suggests that, on average, couples detected serious marital difficulties 6 years before actually entering therapy?  There are many, many reasons why we postpone asking for help.  It's certainly true that entrusting another human being with our feelings, inner thoughts and worries, and sharing personal or business problems takes a measure of courage.

I strive to create an understanding partnership with my clients.  My work, whether therapy with individuals and couples or consulting with businesses, is based on achieving a shared understanding of the issues and goals and then seeking the "right or best" fitting research based interventions that will make a positive difference in how my clients live their lives and/or run their businesses. 

Through this approach, I try to diminish the guess work in reaching out for help.  What I do is supportive, predictable, practical, and evidenced based. 

provide both personal and business services including psychological evaluation, therapy and organizational consulting.  What I do is a relationship based, results focused endeavor that adheres to the belief that our perceptions of ourselves and the world in which we live significantly impact our ability to lead happy, fulfilling and productive lives. 

I hope this website provides you with information that will help put your mind at ease about contacting me.  If you should have lingering questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call or send an email.  I’ll do my best to respond to your questions in a helpful manner.



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